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San-Jose-SEOPeople sometimes think of SEO as a sort of automatic ticket to the top of the page rankings. Instant wealth, power, and enhanced social desirability are just one optimization away– or so some unscrupulous SEO operators would have you believe. The truth, as always, is more nuanced and complex than the pitch delivered by salesmen in any discipline. BUY NOW!!! is not the automatic road to success for anyone except the guy who books the order and his boss.

At Oakland SEO, they know that search engine optimization is a way in which you can confer a comparative advantage on your web pages. What this means is that careful, professional optimization techniques can enhance the ranking of your content throughout the service life of that content, yet the ultimate arbiter of success rests with whether or not that content is deemed of value to those who view it.

Because of their professional training and extensive experience, they can essentially get you into the game by reworking your content to rate highly with the various search engines. This often leads to a very significant elevation in the initial page ranking of the content. As we mentioned above, this results in a comparative advantage that your content will enjoy over its non-optimized rivals. Think of it as hitching the payload of your content onto a large rocket booster that will help it get into orbit.

Once your content has achieved that orbit, however, it has to fulfill its part of the bargain as well. SEO can elevate both great and worthless content above its non-optimized rankings. This brings it to the attention of more people than would otherwise see it. Once they do see it, however, the value of the content will determine whether or not it can stay in orbit or even go higher than the initial boost provided by professional SEO.

Poor content will generate fast exit rates, meaning that people only stay online long enough to figure out that it does not meet their intended needs and rapidly go somewhere else in search of what genuinely fulfills their intended search criteria. This content quickly plummets back down to earth, no matter how much additional SEO effort is extended to support it.

Great content, however, will catch and hold eyes for long periods of time. This will provide a sort of second stage booster to the content’s orbital pathway and provide the content producer with the opportunity to not just rack up page views for that content but to provide links to guide the viewer towards other related content as well.

In this regard, SEO does not have to start with great content, but it will most certainly end with it. Produce great content and ONLY THEN should you entrust it into the hands of an SEO professional.


Trends In Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization is constantly evolving. The algorithms get frequent graph-line-trend-analytics-magnifying-glass-ss-1920updates to discourage those who are trying to game the system. They are improved to reward sites that are actually serving relevant content and providing the excellent user experience. Technological advances are used to enhance the results. Even social shifts may be considered to keep the content relevant for the users.

Today, a few trends are emerging that should put the world of SEO on notice. These will shape the way that information is accessed today and in the years to come. Those who wish to remain relevant must find ways to take advantage of these trends. They must put themselves in a position wherein they can still emerge on top despite the changes. Here are a few key examples:

Localized Search

People are increasingly depending on these global search engines to find localized content. For example, they might want to know the location and operating hours of a particular establishment. They will input keywords that are significant to the business, along with the name of their town or city. They might also use the engines to find multiple product reviews before buying from an online shop with the cheapest price. Although the Web can provide us with an incredible amount of information, we are still more interested in the things that are going on in our immediate vicinity as these have a greater impact on our lives. Sites must be optimized to cater to local searches.

Voice Search

Text-to-speech technology has come a long way since it was introduced several decades ago. Computers are now capable of parsing the words so much better. The reverse is also true as speech-to-text has become quite common. In fact, most mobile phones have this capability. It allows users to conduct their research hands-free which is handy when you’re driving or working on other things. The number of voice-based queries has been steadily rising over the past few years. An SEO company must be aware of this behavioral change and adapt to it. Speaking is different from writing. Keywords tend to be more conversational.

Mobile Search

Another trend that has been bubbling for about a decade now is the big shift towards the mobile Internet. We carry our phones everywhere so we are more likely to use them for almost everything except the most intensive tasks. Instead of reaching for our laptops, we just flick out phones and check the latest news, tweets, posts, pictures, and so forth. Google acknowledges this shift. The search giant is making massive changes in response. They are rolling out a mobile index globally that would put mobile-specific content ahead of web-based content. It’s time for developers and SEO experts to take the mobile versions of their sites more seriously.


4 SEO Don’ts Of 2018

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dosanddontsseo_726x407Anyone with a website and a passionate desire to create a strong internet presence must know a thing or two about SEO (search engine optimization). The competition for a market share of the world wide web is stiff and there’s no ignoring the fact that high rankings on search engines easily equate to overall success for the online entrepreneur. So when it comes to SEO, actions speak louder than words. It all boils down to implementing the different ‘tricks of the trade’ as they emerge and sharpening the skills that you’ve already gleaned off past experiences. But because surfing trends and consumer habits are constantly changing, it pays to invest in what’s current and new. For more: http://delawareseoman.com.
DON’T bite off more than you can chew.

Be wary of biting off more than you can chew as that can very easily choke some of your brightest ideas yet. SEO is not a corn mill that churns out the same outcomes every time. So just because you try out a whole bunch of things at the same time doesn’t necessarily guarantee you of great rewards later, or at the drop of hat for that matter. The true benefit of sparingly implementing your ideas is that you get a clear understanding of what’s working and what’s not.

DON’T bark up the wrong tree.

The fact that you’re reading this means two things. One, you have a website that is built around your interests. Two, you’re driven by a vision that pushes you to step up and get better. With that said, it’s important to know your targeted consumers and walk in their shoes, or breathe the same air as them, so to speak. Tailor your content accordingly as that’s the way to maintain a degree of relevance in the market. Whilst video and social media marketing work well for the modern generation, the same cannot be said about the elderly in their 80’s and 90’s.

DON’T cut corners.

Using effective keywords is an excellent way to target the exact clientele you seek from the billions of surfers around the world. However, don’t cut corners by stuffing your content with keywords and ruining the browsing experience for the few surfers who happen to land on your beach by sheer coincidence. In fact, it’s a well-known fact that stuffed keywords aren’t only a distraction, but they actually lower the overall quality of your website. Write naturally, incorporating keywords appropriately as you go.

DON’T give up the day job!

There’s something uncertain about putting all your eggs in one basket and burning bridges on your journey to online success. Yes, the internet has turned a lot of people into overnight millionaires. However, there is very little evidence to suggest that it’s simple either. So if you already have a day job, don’t give it up as you will definitely need constant cash flow to fund some of the many startup projects that will give you real reward.


My Happy Place is Right Here

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I am very excited to say that this is my VERY FIRST blog post at winxpdigest.com. Thank you for coming over to this, my uber happy place! I’m collecting and curating a bunch of educational articles, along with some product reviews that I intend to place here. This is going to be a lot of fun! Note, however, that I don’t always write really fast, so please be patient with me. Thanks!

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