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Search engine optimization is constantly evolving. The algorithms get frequent graph-line-trend-analytics-magnifying-glass-ss-1920updates to discourage those who are trying to game the system. They are improved to reward sites that are actually serving relevant content and providing the excellent user experience. Technological advances are used to enhance the results. Even social shifts may be considered to keep the content relevant for the users.

Today, a few trends are emerging that should put the world of SEO on notice. These will shape the way that information is accessed today and in the years to come. Those who wish to remain relevant must find ways to take advantage of these trends. They must put themselves in a position wherein they can still emerge on top despite the changes. Here are a few key examples:

Localized Search

People are increasingly depending on these global search engines to find localized content. For example, they might want to know the location and operating hours of a particular establishment. They will input keywords that are significant to the business, along with the name of their town or city. They might also use the engines to find multiple product reviews before buying from an online shop with the cheapest price. Although the Web can provide us with an incredible amount of information, we are still more interested in the things that are going on in our immediate vicinity as these have a greater impact on our lives. Sites must be optimized to cater to local searches.

Voice Search

Text-to-speech technology has come a long way since it was introduced several decades ago. Computers are now capable of parsing the words so much better. The reverse is also true as speech-to-text has become quite common. In fact, most mobile phones have this capability. It allows users to conduct their research hands-free which is handy when you’re driving or working on other things. The number of voice-based queries has been steadily rising over the past few years. An SEO┬ácompany┬ámust be aware of this behavioral change and adapt to it. Speaking is different from writing. Keywords tend to be more conversational.

Mobile Search

Another trend that has been bubbling for about a decade now is the big shift towards the mobile Internet. We carry our phones everywhere so we are more likely to use them for almost everything except the most intensive tasks. Instead of reaching for our laptops, we just flick out phones and check the latest news, tweets, posts, pictures, and so forth. Google acknowledges this shift. The search giant is making massive changes in response. They are rolling out a mobile index globally that would put mobile-specific content ahead of web-based content. It’s time for developers and SEO experts to take the mobile versions of their sites more seriously.

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